make your Facebook post viral


The world of Facebook is increasing very rapidly and so is the social media. If a person want to spread something over it, it is quite easy. They just need to follow certain steps-

  1. Use of eye catching image- the image that is use in the promotional page should be very attractive and informative too. By looking the image people should develop the interest of visiting the page. It should have things like videos, question puzzle, links and written text. These entire things bring more and more towards your page.
  2. Narrations should be short- people don’t have so much time that they will read lengthy texts. So the narrations should be such that people can relate it to their life and too short in length. People share those things more that they feel and love to read.
  3. Avoid first person writing- the post should be written in second person form. It should be more of question type or do you agree type. These let people to share their opinion and interest. First person can be used while writing the comment as it has a flavour of personal touch.
  4. Relate action with the call- the post which include the options of sharing, liking and comment in them are much more visited by people. It is also one of the mean to show their opinion. People find it exciting and share it. Sometimes quiz that have option to share with their friends to see the result also works.
  5. Write about the seasoned topic- the topic which goes viral should be taken for post. People run after such things and love to share them. These posts can be in form of lengthy text or photos. Writing about anything that draws the attention of users can be best thing to increase the likes and share.
  6. Long content experiment- there should be many times found that the contents which are too long also draw attention of the users. The long content in form of some stories mainly attracts the users. Facebook too have increased the seized the size of post to 420 to 5000 characters.
  7. Sharing for cause- to post something that would be for some cause is also liked by many users. They also want to be the part of it by sharing it and also asking others to go for it. this is a very good method and also increase the enthusiasm inside the people.