increase Facebook likes organically

In Facebook any page becomes famous only when the number of likes on it is very much. So for that purpose everybody tries different method to increase them. The organically proved method to do it easily are-

  1. Setting the goal- a goal should be set for the kind of exposure one want to give to their page. Once the goal is there, a person can check the progress accordingly.
  2. No use of hash tags- Facebook pages should not contain hash tags as they belong to twitter so they should be used there only.
  3. Helping others- one need to share the pages of other which have related data. In this way both the pages can grow fast.
  1. Regular posting- a person needs to post 15x words regularly on its page. By this a small number of people will see their posts; they will share it and let more people see that post.
  2. No use of software- people generally feel that for monitoring their page and managing it successfully, a person needs third party software. They can be successful without it also. Most of the brands are successful without it too.
  3. Play with Facebook- traffic on a page should be send from one Facebook page to other. So for promoting one’s page, a person needs to promote other people page.
  4. Attracting interest of public- post should be such that they attract the interest of the people. There should be options as comment, like, share to interact with people. Hosting the contents with good prizes always attract people towards them.
  5. Advertise through Facebook- on the website or blog, a person should mention their Facebook page so as to draw attention of customer as they know the role of technology.
  6. Testing posts– a person should first post the things people like to read. Once they have liked or shared your page, a person can now advertise their page on it. It is a way to reach to more number of people.
  7. Try different posts- every time the post should be different so that people should not predict it or get bored from it. The better way is to ask questions from fans. It is always a good option.
  8. Time of post- the post should be posted at such time that most people are online. This is a time from 1 pm to 3 pm.

So all this is organic way to increase the likes in Facebook.