promote a business on Facebook

Facebook help in increasing the knowledge other than being social. No one can ignore Facebook if they need to promote their business. There are certain points that will help in promoting a business over Facebook-

  1. Create their page- it is the page which contain all information about your business. So it should be different from normal profile. It should look attractive to people through photos and post on it. All the post here should be self informative and should also contain links for original website.
  2. Sharing- sharing of the photos, updates, video and other type of promotional thing will help you increase your fans. People once will like the page, can see the updates you are putting in page. So it should be such that people visit your place again and again. But everything that is shared should be informative and attractive.
  3. Building of connections- it is very easy to connect with people online. So to show your post to everybody out there one needs to build their connection. You can invite your Facebook friend and other contacts through email to visit the page. To make people visit the page one can follow traditional method too. They can use the web address of Facebook page at various places to help people connect with it. It is very important because of these reasons to create the page at start only.
  4. Engaging the followers- once the followers are joined on the page, they should be kept engage by posting things they want to check. It is necessary to share the updates with audience one or two time in a week. One should also reply timely to the private message and the comments. Facebook also help in creating the coupons for your followers which they can redeem online. Facebook also help their users by sending your updates of other people news feed by taking certain fee.
  5. Indulging the fans friends- once a person likes any page will be displayed in his friends news feed. People try to follow others especially their friends. So your update should be such that it attracts them also. There should some quiz, promotional offers and discounts for visitors


  1. Use of Facebook ads- Facebook offers the option of advertising your Facebook page as it help in placing the ad in the news feed of users’. It directs anyone to your website, just on a click over it. It is like a promotional ad.